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Strong Interview Tips.

#1: Do your homework.
Companies are impressed when a candidate has taken time to do some research and learn about them. Also, being prepared will minimize your anxiety.

#2: Make an impact.
Dress for the occasion. The rule is, when in doubt, overdress. Recent trends have dictated business-casual attire, but it’s still appropriate to wear a business suit. If you mean business, show them. And remember…it’s not always what you say, but how you present yourself that makes an impression. Be sure to shake hands firmly and maintain eye contact. During the interview, sit up and stay focused. If your mind starts to wander, it shows.

#3: Be confident.
Composure in the business world is crucial. And an interview is a good measurement of how you handle pressure. You don’t want to appear too nervous. At the same time, don’t be too relaxed. Maintain an appropriate level of professionalism without being unapproachable. The best advice is to be yourself. You’re an outgoing, likeable person. Let that come through in your interview. Companies are looking for individuals who will thrive in their team-based environment.

#4: Ask questions.
When you want to learn more about who they (company) are and what they do, it lets them know you’re interested. Depending on what you ask, it may also prove you’ve done your homework. Before the interview, make sure you’ve prepared a list of questions that they may not have addressed.

#5: Sell yourself.
Your qualifications got you in the door. Make sure you can speak confidently about any experiences you’ve had in the workplace and in the classroom. Specific examples of how you’ve contributed to an organization or learned something exciting are of interest to them. Companies see potential in you, so be sure to sell yourself by promoting your skills and abilities.

#6: Get clarification.
If you don’t understand a question, don’t hesitate…ask them to repeat it. You have a better shot at giving your best answer if you know exactly what they are asking.

#7: Follow up.
It’s good etiquette to thank interviewers for their time. Make sure you get a business card from the person or people that you meet with and send a letter to each one as soon as possible after the interview. This will also let them know that you liked what you heard and you want them to keep you in mind.

Good Luck!!!

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The greatest disadvantage of wearing glasses i have ever experienced is…

I wish I could remember where I put things. I spend half my life looking for my keys, with the the other half I look for my glasses. I was at my ophthalmologist for a regular checkup and found some useful summer eyecare tips shared by him.

  • Water removes toxins from body and puffiness from eyes so drink plenty of water to avoid sunken eyes due to dehydration.
  • It’s recommended to blink frequently which helps to remove foreign particles from the eye and also restores moisture.
  • Splash eyes with cool water frequently which helps to relax and refresh eyes.
  • Sunglasses with UV protection should be wore since sunrays are harmful during peak daytime.
  • Rest refreshes eyes and helps them work better so never compromise on rest.

Hearts are very much like glasses. If they do not break with the first ring, they usually last a considerable time…this is from me guys. The greatest disadvantage of wearing glasses i have ever experienced is “famous people come up to me, but I don’t know who they are because my sight is so bad.”


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