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LIC launched “Jeevan Nischay”.

New plan Jeevan Nishchay launched.

LIC paid Rs.4289.28 crore as death claim benefits against only Rs.155.46 crore paid by all private life insurers.

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LIC won Reader’s Digest Best Award once again.

Few Milestones :

  • With conventional plans LIC’s premium grew 29%
  • On the other hand,private sector’s firm fell by 3% in 2009.
  • Daily LIC adds Rs.3,50,00,00,000 to its assets through its collections.No private Life insurance company can compete.
  • Tata motors on 19/5/2009 raised Rs.1250 crore by selling NCD(10%) to LIC.
  • LIC to invest around Rs.1,05,000 crore in NCDs and equity in this financial year.
  • LIC’s renewal premium up by 23.91% to Rs.75,971 crore(Rs.227 crores per day) for the 11 month upto 28.02.2009
  • LIC is planning to enter Australia, South east Asia, New Zealand to insure Indians there.
  • Wipro begs LIC’s 5 year Information Technology deals leaving Infosys, L&T info and TCS busn standard.
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Hi Friends. Now I am an authorized insurance advisor!!!

Jindagi Ke Saath Bhi...Jindagi Ke Baad Bhi.

A family is generally dependent for its food, clothing and shelter on the income brought in at regular intervals by the breadwinner of the family. So long as he lives and the income is received steadily, that family is secure; but should death suddenly intervene the family will be left in very difficult situation and sometimes, in stark poverty. Uncertainty of death is inherent in human life. It is this uncertainty, that is risk which gives rise to the necessity for some form of protection against the financial loss arising from death. Insurance substitutes this uncertainty by certainty.

So, my dear friends I have a license to insure you and thereby secure you. I have passed the entrance exam conducted by IRDA. So, contact me insure yourself as quickly as possible.

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