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Insurance and Investments are subject to Emotional risks.

Rahul and Mehul were good friends. With “good” I mean they resided in the same locality and had played together in childhood. Both in their late 20’s, Rahul owned a firm named KSPL and Mehul worked in an IT company (The Turbulent Industry).

One day Rahul approached Mehul and introduced some LIC (Insurance) plans. Since both knew each other, Mehul was also interested to get insured but mentioned some necessary requirements, considering the voltatile nature of the job sector he was part of. He being in IT industry was aware about the work culture and the employment/job expectancy situations throughout his career, with this added expenditure of the premium he needs to pay. He was of the opinion that insurance plans that would mature around 50-52 years of his age would help him with some monetary benefits at that phase of life along with insurance.
He was quite aware about the difference between Investments and Insurance.

Mehul discussed a lot with Rahul regarding his criterias and Rahul agreed on his terms and both moved ahead. Within a couple of days, Mehul completed the formalities and paid for the first premium with some medical tests that were required.
But, after few weeks, to his surpise when he checked the Policy documents that he received, the policies that he had purchased had around 35-37 years of Premium Paying Term. (Mehul would be in his 70’s on maturity).

Mehul immediately contacted Rahul and straightway went to his office. Mehul also showed him the proposal document that Rahul had sent him before purchasing the policy. It clearly mentioned the premium paying term around 27-28 years.

When asked what could be done further, Rahul rudely replied Mehul that he can stop paying further premiums considering the first premium loss, completely getting off from his responsibilities.

Rahul’s negligence and careless attitude in the field costed Mehul an insurance with Inadequate fulfillment’s for lifetime.

Moral of the story: Insurance and Investments are lifetime responsibility. The Insurance advisors might take advantage of your situations out of negligence or getting some extra commission.
You need to be aware of not getting ruined and carefully understanding the terms and conditions.

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One day workshop on Mainframe Server Maintenance,Troubleshooting and Administration.

Hi friends,

A one day workshop has been arranged on Mainframe Server Maintenance,Troubleshooting and Administration at Softsense,Gokulpeth,Nagpur.  This is probably the first time that a workshop on such a global technology is being conducted in Nagpur. Today, mainframe servers is a global technology used in sectors/industries like:

  • Banking,Railway,Share Market,Telecom
  • Steel,Automobile,Cosmetics,Health,
  • IT Companies,Media
  • Textile,Refineries,Chemical,Pharmaceuticals,Cement etc.

The workshop topics includes:

  • Tower Servers
  • Rack Mounted Servers
  • SCSI Controller
  • RAID Controller
  • HP Prolient ML330 Server
  • HP Prolient DL380 Server
  • BLADE Servers

Registration fees (Ask for group discount):

Rs. 500/-   For Students

Rs. 1000/- For Professionals

(Registration fees includes Registration,Tea,Lunch,Writing Material,Certification)

Date: Sunday Dec 11,2011

Time: 9 am to 5 pm

Contact and Venue: SOFTSENSE ,50 D,Mata Mandir Road,Gokulpeth,Nagpur.

SMS your interest on 9890256281

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India Against Corruption.!

Hi friends,
We all have come a long way fighting the war against corruption. Its time to get going . Mere likes or comments would never change things. Here are assorted details of some common offences and their respective charges.

Say no to bribes. India Against Corruption.





1.1 Driving without a Valid License Rs. 500/- and/or imprisonment (3 months)


Allowing vehicle to be driven by a person who does not possess a Valid License. Rs. 1000/- and/or imprisonment ( 3 months)


Not carrying documents as required. Rs. 100/-


Driving without Valid Insurance. Rs. 1000/- and/or imprisonment ( 3 months)


Driving without Valid Permit. Rs. 5000/- ( not less than Rs. 2000/-)


Driving without Valid Fitness. Rs. 5000/- ( not less than Rs. 2000/-)


Vehicle without R.C. Rs 2000/-





2.1.1 Driving by Minor . Rs. 500/-
2.1.2 Allowing Unauthorized person to drive . Rs. 1000/-
2.1.3 Driving without Helmet. Rs. 100/-
2.1.4 Seat Belts not fastened. Rs. 100/-
2.1.5 Rough/Rash/Negligent Driving . Rs. 1000/-
2.1.6 Dangerous or hasty Driving. Rs.1000/-
and/or imprisonment
( 6 months)
2.1.7 Not Driving in Proper Lane. Court Challan
2.1.8 Driving in the center and not to left side. Rs.100/-
2.1.9 Driving against One Way. Rs.100/-
2.1.10 Reversing without due care and attention. Rs. 100/-
2.1.11 Taking “U” turn during outlawed hours. Rs.100/-
2.1.12 Failing to take precaution while taking a “Turn”. Rs.100/-
2.1.13 Failing to decelerate at intersection. Rs.100/-
2.1.14 Failing to carry on left of traffic island. Rs.100/-
2.1.15 Carrying persons on Footboard. Rs.100/-
2.1.16 Carrying persons causing hindrance to the driver. Rs.100/-
2.1.17 Trippling. Rs. 100/-
2.1.18 Driving on Footpath. Rs.100/-
2.1.19 Stopping at pedestrian crossing or crossing a Stop Line. Rs.100/-

Road Marking Related Offences

2.2.1 Violation of Yellow Line. Rs. 100/-
2.2.2 Violation of Stop Line. Rs. 100/-
2.2.3 Violation of Mandatory Signs . Rs. 100/-

Number Plate Related Offences

2.3.1 Use of Offensive Number Plate for vehicle used in driving. Rs.100/-
2.3.2 Displaying ‘Applied For’. Rs. 4500/-

Vehicle Light Related Offences

2.4.1 Improper use of headlights/tail light for vehicle used in driving. Rs.100/-
2.4.2 Using High Beam where not required. Rs. 100/-

Horn Related Offences

2.5.1 Driving without Horn. Rs. 100/-
2.5.2 Improper horn usage while driving. Rs.100/-

Traffic Police Related Offences

2.6.1 Disobeying Traffic Police Officer in uniform. Rs. 100/-
2.6.2 Driving against Police Signal. Rs. 100/-
2.6.3 Disobeying manual Traffic Signal. Rs. 100/-

Traffic Signal Related Offences

2.7.1 Disobeying Traffic signal / Sign Board. Rs. 100/-
2.7.2 Failing to give Signal. Rs. 100/-
2.7.3 Jumping Signal. Rs.100/-

Speed and Overtake Related Offences

2.8.1 Exceeding the prescribed Speed Limits. Up to Rs.1000/-
2.8.2 Abetment for Over Speeding . Rs.300/-
2.8.3 Overtaking perilously. Rs.100/-
2.8.4 Failing to confer way to sanction Overtaking. Rs.100/-
2.8.5 Overtaking from Wrong Side . Rs. 100/-

Other Offences

2.9.1 Disobeying Lawful Directions. Rs. 500/-
2.9.2 Driving under influence of Alcohol / Drugs. Rs.2000/-
and/or imprisonment
( 6 months)
2.9.3 Using Mobile Phone while Driving. Up to 1000/-
2.9.4 Leaving vehicle in unoccupied engine. Rs.100/-
2.9.5 Leaving vehicle in unsafe position. Rs.100/-
2.9.6 In case of a minor Accident. Rs. 1000/-
2.9.7 Playing music while Driving. Rs. 100/-
2.9.8 Driving without Silencer. Rs. 100/-
2.9.9 Driving when mentally or physically unfit. Court Challan





3.1 Two Wheeler. Rs.100/-
3.2 Car , Jeep, Taxi, Auto Rickshaw. Rs.200/- RRR 177 MVA
3.3 Truck, Tanker, Trailor. Rs.600/-





4.1 Smoking in Public Transport. Rs. 100/-
4.2 Pollution Not Under Control. Rs. 100/-
4.3 Fixing multi-toned/shrill horn. Rs.500/-
4.4 Blowing Pressure Horn. Rs. 100/-
4.5 Silencer/muffler making noise. Rs.500/-
4.6 Smoky Exhaust. Rs.500/-
4.7 Using horn in Silence Zone. Rs.100/-





5.1 Using Vehicle in Unsafe Conditions. Court Challan
5.2 When motor vehicle is out of state for more than 12 months. Rs.100/-
5.3 Particulars to be printed on transport vehicles. Rs.100/-
5.4 Without Wiper Rs.100/-
5.4 Without Side Mirror. Rs.100/-
5.5 Defective tyres. Rs.100/-
5.6 No indication board on left hand drive vehicle. Rs.100/-
5.7 Sale of motor vehicle/alteration of motor vehicle in contravention of Act. Rs.300/-
5.8 Vehicles fitted with dark glasses/sun films. Rs.100/-
5.9 Driving without proper number plate/ illuminating rear number plate. Rs.100/-
5.10 Failing to display public carrier board. Rs.100/-
5.11 Using private vehicle for commercial purposes. Rs. 5000/-
( not less than Rs. 2000/-)

5.12 Any sort of misconduct with passengers, not wearing uniform/not displaying badge. Rs.100/-
5.13 Overloading a goods vehicle. Rs. 2000/-plus Rs. 1000/- for every additional ton.
5.14 Carrying goods in a dangerous or hazardous manner. Imprisonment and/or fine of Rs. 3000/-
5.15 Infringement of permit conditions. Imprisonment and/or fine of Rs. 5000/-( not less than Rs. 2000/-)

5.16 Use of Colored light on Vehicle Rs. 100/-





6.1 Plying in ‘NO ENTRY’ Time Upto 2000/-
6. Violation of Time Table Court Challan
6.2 High and Long / Load in Vehicles Rs. 100/-
6.3 Carrying animals in goods vehicles in contravention of rules. Rs.100/-
6.4 Carrying persons dangerously or carrying persons in goods vehicles. Rs.100/-
6.5 Goods in Passenger Vehicles

6.6 Dangerous projection of goods. Rs.100/-
6.7 Carrying goods unsecured. Rs.100/-
6. Carrying goods more than 11 feet high. Rs.100/-
6. Limit Of weight and limitation on Use. Court Challan
6. Driver refuses to weigh vehicle. Court Challan
6.9 Load on Tail Board. Rs.100/-
6.10 Misbehavior by Taxi/TSR Driver. Rs. 100/-
6.11 Over Charging by Taxi/TSR Driver. Rs. 100/-
6.12 Charging without Meter. Rs. 100/-
6.13 Refusal by Taxi/TSR Driver. Rs. 100/-
6.14 Driver without Uniform. Rs. 100/-
6.14 Driver without Badge. Rs. 100/-
6.15 Conductor without Uniform. Rs. 100/-
6.16 Conductor without Badge. Rs. 100/-
6.17 Stopping without Bus stop Court Challan
6.18 Power to detain Vehicle used in contravention of section 3.4,39 or 66(1) MV Act.





7.1 Parking in the direction of flow of traffic. Rs.100/-
7.2 Parking away from footpath towards road. Rs.100/-
7.3 Parking against flow of traffic. Rs.100/-
7.4 Parking causing Obstruction. Rs. 100/-
7.5 Parking on a Taxi Stand. Rs. 100/-
7.6 Parking in not any prescribed manner. Rs. 100/-
7.7 Parking at any Corner. Rs. 100/-
7.8 Parking within 15 meters on either side of Bus Stop. Rs. 100/-
7.9 Parking on Bridge. Rs. 100/-
7.10 Parking at Traffic Island. Rs. 100/-
7.11 Parking in “No” Parking Area. Rs. 100/-
7.12 Parked on Pedestrian Crossing. Rs. 100/-
7.13 Parking on Footpath. Rs. 100/-
7.14 Parking in front of a gate. Rs. 100/-
7.15 Parking causing obstruction. Rs. 100/-
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Catch me LIVE!!!

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that on 20th February 2011, Nagpurians are going to get blessed with the presence of Parampujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji – The founder of ‘The Art of Living Foundation’– one of the world’s largest volunteer based, humanitarian and educational Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), operating globally in 151 countries.

A unique and grand musical event named ‘Lay Tarang’ – a spiritual confluence of singing, dancing and music with 3000 artists on one stage has been organized by the Art of Living Nagpur in honour of His visit. The event is of such a magnitude that it may end up creating a new Guinness World record. On the top of it Shri Shankar Mahadevan will appear as a special singer for the event. The event is organized not with the intention of creating world records but only with the idea of providing one platform to the artists and musicians of Vidarbha to do something meaningful and value in their life. The event will be telecast live with a link to watch in 150 countries. So catch me LIVE. Repeat telecasts are also expected in future.

So be a part of this celebration.

Venue: Reshimbagh ground, Reshimbagh, Nagpur

Time: 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm, Sunday, the 20th February, 2011.

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