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Hi! I am Mandar Deshpande , currently working as a System Engineer in Nagpur.

Mandar!!!…it stands for

  • a medicinally important tree in the Ayurveda.
  • name of Lord Ganesha.
  • name of a mountain in Hinduism.
  • population in the Indonesian province of West Sulawesi in Celebes Island.
  • an Austronesian language spoken by the group ethnic Mandar living in West Sulawesi province, Indonesia,

About Life: Just  “Live and let others too” because for every 5 minutes you are angry we loose 600 seconds of happiness. Someone has rightly said “Life is just like an ice-cream”… so enjoy before it melts.!
Learn from past,live in present and believe in future. That’s it.

I am crazy about creations and innovations.
About Music:  Someone writes something…How it can be so beautifully threaded into a song which mesmerizes the heart!!! I love music and  interested in playback singing too.

I welcome you and your suggestions on my website.

-Mandar P. Deshpande

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