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If Beethoven and Keller can…

Everyone looks at new things , new ways rather doubtfully. But I think that its just a fear of doing something new or adopting the ways we don’t know. When we opened our textbooks and looked at the lesson most of us felt nervous and uncertain. Why? Because it was a new lesson we haven’t learnt it earlier. We might at that moment feel that may be its impossible for us to grasp it. But it was not true,its only the fear of unknown. Once we think something is impossible, our thinking stops and we can’t go ahead with anything.  Impossible is a word that is a roadblock to success.

I think there is only one way to avoid fear… start doing something you are afraid of. Leave all the doubts regarding victory. May be it takes time but there is every chance to win or make anything possible.

If deaf Beethoven whose symphonies are popular world wide can become a riot in the field of music and Keller ; a deaf, blind  and dumb whose writings are remembered even today, I think ‘Nothing is impossible’ once you have the will to do something.


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