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asp+vb+c#+sql server+php=3900 Rs.@Hyderabad.

Isn’t it shocking ? But it is true. asp+vb+c#+sql server+php=3900 Rs.@Hyderabad. Hyderabad’s  Ameerpeth area is witnessing these shocks. This area has a large number of hostels (for the students interested in IT courses) and the area has surely become “land of  cheaper IT tutions” (cheaper in sense of money).

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5 crores in 7 hours.!!!

A temple,80 km to the north of Ahmedabad (place named Unza), Gujarat experienced  a donation of 5 crores in just 7 hours. The temple is about 1900 years old.

This temple is temple of Goddess Umiya.  Most of the followers belong to Patel community.

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She barks!!!

Russian officers have found a girl who is brought up in the close vicinity of dogs and cats.  She can’t talk and hence she literally barks to convey her feelings. This five year old girl has been found from a dirty flat in Siberia which was closed from many days. Her actions are similar to a animal.  She can understand Russian but can’t speak anything.

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A Town Of Twins!!!

A Town Of Twins...

A Town Of Twins...

A town named Kodinhi in Kerela has a population of nearly 2000 families but has nearly 250 twins. This number is 6 times that of the number of twins in the entire world and is still increasing every year.
The town has experienced a miraculous birth of about 60 twins in last 5 years.

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